Wasi Ski and Snowshoe Challenge

Mar 15, 2024 Update: Hi everyone… Unfortunately the Wasi Ski and Snowshoe Challenge was significantly shortened.  However, we’ll tally up everyone’s totals during the days we were open for skiing and snowshoeing respectively.

You can email me the spreadsheet version, or scan or take a picture of the paper version.  Send it to [email protected].

The deadline to submit these is Sunday, March 17.  After that I’ll post the winners on the website. The winners will also be announced, and prizes handed out (if you’re there) at the AGM on April 2.  Otherwise we’ll find a way to get you your prize!

Are you ready to ski or snowshoe as many kilometres as you can in February?  In that case, you should participate in our 2024 Wasi Ski and Snowshoe Challenge.  The participants who have skied or snowshoed the most cumulative distance in their categories can win prizes!  The prizes are modest, but the bragging rights are considerable!


  • The challenge is open to members and day-pass users.  There is no cost to register, although day rates apply to non-members.
  • It will take place from Feb 1 to March 10 (Revised from Feb 29).  Skied kilometers will only count as of when the ski trails reopened (Feb 16).
  • The ski and snowshoe outings must take place on the Wasi marked trails.
  • Tallying up your kilometres will be on the honour system.  You can use our trail maps to help you tally up your distances, although we highly recommend using a mobile app such as Strava or Runtastic.


Ski – Children (under 12)Snowshoe – Children (under 12)
Ski – Youth (12 to 17)Snowshoe – Youth (12 to 17)
Ski – Adults (18 to 59)Snowshoe – Adults (18 to 59)
Ski – Seniors (60 and over)Snowshoe – Seniors (60 and over)

You can get your activity forms to track your outings either from the clubhouse, or download them below.  You can submit them on a regular basis by dropping off the sheets in the drop box at the chalet, or by filling the Excel spreadsheet and emailing it to [email protected]. We will collect any data sheets every Sunday, and update the standings each week on our website.

The winners will be announced in March.

Activity Form – PDF

Activity Form – Excel