Wasi Ski Club Emergency Protocol

In the event of an injury on the trails or at the chalet, call 911.

The Club’s civic address is 907 Lake Nosbonsing Road, Astorville.

The nearest pay phone is at Perron’s Freshmart in Astorville.  Cell phone service is available on many sections of the trails and around the chalet.  (At this time, Bell service is more reliable than Rogers.)

Explain the situation to the 911 operator, describing as accurately as possible the location of the injured person (e. g. “on the Green trail, just past the turn off to the Purple trail”).  If possible, have someone meet emergency personnel at the chalet to further explain the situation.  The trail map inside the chalet can be used to help pinpoint the injured person and determine the quickest route to the site.

If possible someone should stay with the injured person and ensure he or she remains as warm as possible.  Blankets and a first aid kit are available in a box outside the chalet.

The Club has a defibrillator located in the chalet above the sign-in sheet.  The Club also has a rescue basket, snowmobiles, and stretcher to which local emergency personnel have permission and access.

Please also notify one of our Club’s emergency contacts listed below.  These are volunteers and are not always available, but if they can, they will go to the Club to assist.

  • Scott Taylor (705-471-0032)
  • Steve Hart (705-840-6666)
  • Gilles Lefebvre (249-358-8946)

Please allow the emergency personnel to perform their duties and assist them as per their requests.

Revised January 2024