Trail Etiquette

  1. Always check posted trail conditions either on the conditions page or on the blackboard outside the chalet.  Ski at your own level and in control.  A note on the red trail: this is considered an advanced trail with steep downhills (including a steep 50+ foot downhill) and tight corners – making it unsuitable for beginner skiers.
  2. Don’t get caught in the dark!  Be sure to know the length of the trail you plan on skiing, and have a reasonable estimate of how long it will take you to ski it.  The trails aren’t lit, so make sure you bring a headlamp or some kind of light if you will be out on the trails after sunset.
  3. We are now setting double tracks on some of our trails.  All trails, except for the loop-back section of the blue and the shortcut between the green and the red, are still single-direction.  Ski in the indicated direction and obey all posted signs.
  4. When skiing on sections with double tracks keep right except to pass.  If you are using the left track to pass, to talk to a friend, or because it is a better track, and a faster skier catches up to you, move to the right track and let the faster skier pass on the left.
  5. When skiing on sections with single tracks and a faster skier catches up to you, step out of the track to your right to let the faster skier pass in the track on your left.
  6. If you approach a slower skier you should announce your intention to pass by yelling “Track, please!” or “On your left, please!” – and thank the slower skier as you pass.  Reduce your speed as you pass other skiers on your left – then take off again once you have passed them.  Think of other skiers as yield signs.
  7. Keep off closed trails.
  8. If you need to stop, get as far off to the side as possible.  Do not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible to others – particularly on a downhill!
  9. If you fall, move quickly off the track.  Collect yourself far enough on the side of the tracks.  If the track is damaged, please try to repair it as best as you can – but do be careful of oncoming skiers.
  10. For your own safety and the safety of others, when you approach a steep downhill, please be sure there is sufficient room between you and the skiers in front of you before starting your descent.
  11. On hills with a track on the right, and enough room on the left to herringbone up the hill, please herringbone on the left and off the track.
  12. Do not walk or snowshoe on the tracks.
  13. Skate skiing is NOT allowed.
  14. Do not litter.  Take out what you bring in and respect all property.
  15. If nature calls, the club has outhouses near the chalet, and one next to the warm-up hut where the red trail branches off the green trail.  Use the outhouses or step WELL OFF the trails and into the bush.  Nobody wants to see yellow snow!
  16. Walking in boots on the ski and snowshoe trails is not permitted. Snowshoes must be worn on the snowshoe trails.
  17. Dogs are not allowed on the ski or snowshoe trails.

Enjoy the Trails!